The tradition of soaking in a luxurious bath, with soft fragrances that pleasure the senses, can be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable moments of a day.

We believe everyone deserves some time to relax, renew and refresh. Taking the time to enjoy the simple pleasure of a warm bath can be both restorative and sheer bliss.

Jo Gilberd, founder of the Bath House, spent over 20 years developing and creating potions and lotions for some of the largest and most prestigious skin care and fragrance companies in Europe. Many of the product ranges she created sell today on the shelves of Tescos, Marks & Spencers, FCUK and Boots.

Now in New Zealand and inspired by the quality of ingredients and the aspirations of a clean green country, Jo believes there is an opportunity to create something unique. Products that offer quality without compromise. Natural and organic from the best ingredients New Zealand can offer.

The Bath House company and product range is the culmination of Jo’s lifelong passion for natural and organic bath and skin care products that are as beautiful to the body as they are to the senses.

We use the very best New Zealand natural and organic ingredients in all our products. Behind each ingredient lies a unique story as part of a lovingly crafted formula. We care deeply about what we will use in our products, who we work with or not. Our ‘no nasties’ policy means only pure, natural, and where possible organic, products good for our skin and good for the planet are used. We work hard to be carbon neutral and not leave a footprint on this precious planet. We choose suppliers and partners who do the same.

The Bath House is Biogro certified and a member of the New Zealand Toiletries and Cosmetics Association.